This breakthrough financial software customizes a comprehensive financial plan that shows you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it to start watching your money grow.

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If you wish to be smarter with your money and start building financial security but don’t know where to start...

Build a Simple, Comprehensive, and Professional Financial Game-Plan that Puts You on Track to Long-Term Wealth-Creation

Take a Step TODAY to Improve Your Financial Security Tomorrow

Are you stuck, trying to figure out how to better manage your money so you can start building real wealth for your future?  Perhaps, you’ve made some good financial decisions but worry that there’s a MISSING-LINK to building a rock-solid investment portfolio for financial (freedom) independence.

What’s even more frustrating is there’s so many different investment options to choose from that most people feel like they don’t know who to trust or what to do to truly get on track to smart investing.

Detailed Investment Guidance

Find the right portfolio for you with a balance of investments based on your individual needs, lifestyle, financial goals, and risk tolerance.

Optimal Savings

Suggestions on exactly what type of retirement account best suits your unique situation; where to save your next dollar based on your income, retirement plan options, and current tax situation

Your Plan from 4 Viewpoints

  • The Plan

    A concise look at your financial situation with a current and retirement snapshot.  It also includes a simple balance sheet, assessment of your financial security, smart investing recommendation, and top action-items to complete.

  • A Checklist

    Often we just don’t know where to start or what questions we should be asking.  Our long checklist questions all the different aspects of your finances to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Future Projections

    How does your current portfolio stack up 10, 25, or 30 years from now?  How much impact will monthly or annual contributions make down the road?  What exactly will it take to reach your financial objectives?

  • Retirement View

    The famous “Retirement Number!”  How big of a portfolio will it take to replace your current income?  How much income can you expect from your current portfolio in retirement?  How much extra do you need to save to reach your goals or even retire sooner?

Instant Improvements

  • Specific Investment Guidance

    Utilizing our 6 Investment Tenets, we recommend a globally diversified portfolio of stock and bond ETFs.  We pride ourselves on diversification and the inclusion of asset classes often reserved for more “complex,” high net-worth portfolios.

  • Tax Optimized Saving Tool

    The world of retirement accounts is complex and confusing.  From your employer retirement plans to self-directed IRAs and Roth accounts, our tool walks through a series of questions to recommend an optimal approach to each and every dollar you save.  Saving strategies to minimize taxes and improve after-tax gains will keep more of your dollars working for you rather than Uncle Sam.

  • 3 Top Action-Items

    It is unrealistic for you to expect to make drastic changes overnight.  With our 3 top action-items you are given small tasks you can start working on to make instant improvements to your financial plan.  As you accomplish each task, you take another step toward greater financial success.

Never Completed a Financial Plan?  In Desperate Need of a Second Opinion?

For less than $10, you can gain professional guidance on improvements you can make to your financial situation.  Investors typically pay a financial planner hundreds or thousands of dollars for this exact same advice.

If you don't learn valuable insight on how to improve your finances, we will refund your money.  No Questions Asked!  This plan will help you avoid costly mistakes, create an optimal savings strategy, and recommend the ideal portfolio for a lifetime of successful investment results.

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Frequently Asked Questions


It’s an internet-based tool that provides a complete and personalized plan and snapshot of your finances and investment needs and goals. You’ll set up your personal account, fill in all the required fields and receive an automated, easy-to-read report and plan for your money.

Why do I need this plan?

If you want to gain a clear picture of where you are, set clear goals of where you want to be, and have a clear plan for how to get there starting today, then you need this plan. Most people don’t maximize their money and, therefore, suffer the consequences of financial instability, frustration and failure.

What if I need to review my plan with a financial planner to start implementing it?

Once you complete your plan, the next step is implementation! Just call us and we’ll advise you on everything you need help with to ensure you take all the right steps to building wealth for your financial freedom.

Is the plan hard to complete?

This is a super-easy and intuitive tool to use. The questions you’ll be asked are easy to answer. You’ll fill in your answer, click “Forward” to go on to the next question, or “Backward” to change an answer, and complete each section in a snap!

What is the total price of the plan?

Just $9.95! That’s it. However, you must act now because this is an introductory price that won’t last long.

Chronim Investments, Inc. d/b/a Chrisilis is a State-Registered Investment Advisor in AR, AZ, CA, FL, GA, LA, NV, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, and WA

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All securities involve risk and may result in a loss. Investors should consider their investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the Fund/Portfolio carefully before investing. Historical and expected returns, as well as future projections may not reflect actual future performance. Investments are Not FDIC Insured and provide No Bank Guarantee.