Starting at the entry-level, Jesse worked his way up the ranks at Snider Advisors until he took over all operations from its founder, Kim Snider. Many years of experience and various roles at the firm has allowed him to know the exact needs of today’s investors. After two years running Snider Advisors, Jesse had the vision to expand the company’s market and reach out to a group of under-served investors with Chrisilis.

In 2006 Jesse took over managing the investment strategy at Snider Advisors. Starting with a strong foundation in investment management through his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter, independent research and real life experience helped Jesse design Chrisilis’ investment portfolios. The investment philosophies and guiding principals were created after his experience placing 1000’s of trades each month and watching the stock and options market daily for Snider Advisors’ clients.

In his experience he learned it takes significantly more than investment knowledge and education to become a successful investor. Through hundreds of hours of one-on-one meetings and personal interactions with clients, Jesse knows the deep flaws in the thought process we take towards money and our investments. Understanding and controlling the human behavior in the decision making process are critical in achieving long-term investment success. These factors are all built in the investment approach, website design, and on-going client interactions with Chrisilis’ clients. Jesse has a strong desire to disrupt the entire financial industry through improved transparency and education for the retail investor. He believes everyone should know how their money is invested, why it will be successful, who they are paying for services, and exactly how much it will cost.