With an unusual skill set including investment knowledge, technology development, and customer care, Tyler is a cornerstone in the vision and on-going improvements to Chrisilis. The center of our technology and development team, he continually strives to make the client experience more simple. Through both the creation and design of our website and financial tools, Tyler wants to give every investor the tools necessary to manage their finances without the confusion and complications you will experience with the rest of the financial industry.

Tyler has over 100,000 stock and option trades under his belt through his role on the trading team and investment committee at Snider Advisors. This invaluable experience has helped shape his view on creating a successful investment strategy. Tyler is looking to utilize his experience building Snider Advisors’ custom portfolio management and performance reporting software to make Chrisilis the best firm for investors looking to consistently add to and grow their portfolio over the long-term.

Tyler knew the industry needed a change – so he created a firm that gave us our namesake, “Chrisilis.” Chrysalis is one of the stages that a caterpillar undergoes in becoming a butterfly – the chrysalis is one of the paramount pieces of that metamorphosis. And, just as a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, Chrisilis changes ugly investment protocols and portfolios into something beautiful.