NEW: The “5-Minute Financial Plan”

In the wake of epidemic numbers of young Americans falling short of the retirement savings level recommended by most financial advisors, Chrisilis created a groundbreaking, new software that provides a clear snapshot of your financial picture, in layman’s terms.

The status quo of financial plans is a thick, cumbersome report loaded with fancy charts, graphs, numbers and industry jargon that appears to justify the hefty costs often associated with these plans, but do little in terms of providing practical help that’s easy to use by the average person.

Introducing…the 5-Minute Financial Plan

If you want to be a smarter money manager and start building financial security for you and your family but don’t know where to start, you’ll love the 5-Minute Financial Plan.

This next generation software allows you to build a simple, comprehensive, and professional financial game-plan that puts you on track to long-term wealth creation…in just five short minutes!

This powerful software provides detailed investment guidance, optional savings strategies and 4 Critical Views of your financial picture, including:

  • The Plan – A concise look at your financial situation with a balance sheet, investing recommendation and an action-item to-do list
  • A Checklist – This features a long checklist of questions you should have answers to avoid costly financial mistakes
  • Future Projections – You get to see how your current contributions impact your wealth growth 10, 25 or 30 years from now.
  • Retirement View – You should know how much you’ll likely accumulate by your desired retirement date, so you can make contribution adjustments, if needed

You get all this and so much more all wrapped into one user-friendly, clean interface called the 5-Minute Financial Plan.

Don’t wait another minute. Spend the next 5 minutes planning a lifetime of financial independence. Go here to learn more and complete YOUR 5-Minute Financial Plan.

This plan is designed for investors still in the accumulation phase of their life. Different considerations and complexities are required as retirement nears. For this reason, we recommend this plan for anyone with at least 10 years before they plan to retire. Please contact our partner firm, Snider Advisors, if you need a plan more focused on income and portfolio distributions.

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