Snider Advisors Launches Chrisilis

After a decade of helping investors live dream retirements, Snider Advisors has created a new investment service to help those still saving for retirement to set financial goals and automate their investments on their way to wealth.

Are you like millions who are searching for an automated solution to saving and investing to build lasting wealth for retirement, but don’t have a lot of money to start with? The team at Snider Advisors heard you, loud and clear, and we’ve built something brilliant…

Introducing Chrisilis

Your Automated Wealth-Building Investment Solution

In our relentless pursuit of empowering investors to build wealth for a dream retirement, we imagined a concept that enables young professionals and families to make smarter decisions with their money, saving and investing it wisely, so they can build lasting wealth.

Years of experience and working with thousands of clients taught us that while people want to make better financial decisions, many don’t because life’s just too busy and demanding.

That’s why a growing number of younger Americans are falling behind the projected level of money they’ll need to retire well. With younger families not saving enough and the likelihood of Social Security being significantly different in the future; or worse, entirely depleted, it’s no stretch of the imagination to count on seeing staggering numbers of workers with little to no retirement nest egg.

Chrisilis Has Changed the Game

Chrisilis is Snider Advisors’ next generation solution to this potentially epidemic retirement crisis; built for people with busy lives in this digital age. Smart saving and prudent investing to build wealth for your future are all automated with Chrisilis.

This means people with busy lives can finally build real wealth with proven portfolio models without paying hefty fees charged by some money managers.

The process is simple:

  • Identify your goals and time horizon
  • Complete our financial profile
  • Create your online investment account
  • Automate your investments

Portfolios Designed to Suit Your Needs

We designed portfolios with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that gives clients passive exposure to multiple asset classes as well as global diversification.

All of our portfolio strategies are founded in our 6 Investment Tenets.  We also create custom portfolios to construct the best overall asset allocation if you hold investments outside your Chrisilis’ accounts. You can learn more about Portfolios here.

Save HUGE on Management Fees

The best part – we plan to offer these portfolios at an extremely low-cost to investors of all sizes!

No more expensive management fees, high expense ratios, or large minimum assets to get started. As you may understand, minimizing cost is crucial when it comes to investing. When deciding on an investment firm or product, don’t assume that you get more if you pay more. This philosophy works well in most other areas of life, but not necessarily investing.

Instead, every dollar paid towards management fees or trading commissions is simply a dollar less working for you to earn a potential return. With Chrisilis, you can rest assured that you’re building wealth for minimum cost! Learn more here.

Chrisilis was built by Snider Advisors to serve those who want to start building wealth with investment automation for a financially secure retirement. Finally, you can invest with no minimum investment amounts and without having to do it on your own. So you can start wherever you are and build a better financial future for you and your loved ones.

Build YOUR Financial Plan in Just 5 Minutes!

To help you develop a clear and simple, yet comprehensive, wealth building plan, we created the 5-Minute Financial Plan software.

5-Minute Financial Plan

The status quo of financial plans is a thick, cumbersome report loaded with fancy charts, graphs, numbers and industry jargon that appears to justify the hefty price often associated with these plans, but do little in terms of providing actual, practical help that’s easy to use by the average person.

The 5-Minute Financial Plan is revolutionary new software that displays a clear snapshot of your financial picture, in layman’s terms. Don’t wait another moment. Spend the next 5 minutes planning a lifetime of financial independence. Build your financial plan here

This plan is designed for investors still in the accumulation phase of their life. Different considerations and complexities are required as retirement nears. For this reason, we recommend this plan for anyone with at least 10 years before they plan to retire. Please contact our partner firm, Snider Advisors, if you need a plan more focused on income and portfolio distributions.

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