New Recommended Broker: Interactive Brokers

Starting in June 2017, Interactive Brokers will be our primary broker for all Chrisilis accounts.  We have worked with Interactive Brokers for over 5 years managing accounts for our Snider Advisors’ clients.  In this time we have become more and more confident they will be an excellent broker for our Chrisilis clients as well.

Interactive Brokers recently eliminated a quarterly administrative fee making them much more appealing for these types of accounts.  When it comes to technology, they are unmatched in the brokerage industry.  They are also one of the safest brokers available because of their policies concerning cybersecurity, segregation of client assets, and real-time risk management.

You will continue to receive the benefit of no trading costs.  Any trading cost will be absorbed by Chrisilis as part of your management fee.  IB will also give us greater access to ETFs with lower expense ratios to keep the overall cost to implement the strategy at a minimum. They offer a highly competitive interest rate on cash and a Stock Yield Enhancement program as ways to boost the income in your accounts.

Over the coming weeks and month, we will be assisting existing account holders transition to Interactive Brokers.  We promise to make the process very simple.  The process should take less than 15 minutes of your time.

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