Want to Get More Out of Your Investments

Minimizing cost is crucial when it comes to investing.  When deciding on an investment there is no reason to assume that you get more if you pay more.  Instead, every dollar paid for management fees or trading commissions is simply a dollar less working for you to earn a potential return.  The key point here is that—unlike the markets—investing costs are largely controllable.

To illustrate how strongly costs can affect long-term portfolio growth we have built an interactive tool to help you visualize what your investments may be costing you.  You can check out this interactive tool below.  Want to see what your Chrisilis portfolio would look like?  Take our free risk assessment to find out!

The Impact of Fees on Your Portfolio


Monthly Mgmt Fee

Portfolio Expenses

Future projections are calculated with a Gross annual return of 8%. After fees, the Net annual return for Chrisilis is projected to be 7.25% and 6.23% for other advisors.
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